BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Show Day 16: Love Gone Sour For Diane And Elozonam


Former housemates, Mercy, Ike, Diane and Elozonam each took turns to be the bull’s eye as they exchanged thoughts on their love stories within and outside the house.

The latest episode of BBNaija reunion show Day 16, has exposed the secret reason behind the fall out of ex BBnaija housemate and lovers, Elozonam and Diane.

During the reunion, Elozonam claimed Diane did not put him first which sort of makes him feel like a “forth-tier”. He said she always made him feel like an option, not a priority.

Things were becoming intense and then Elozonam suggested “they talked about” something.

Diane bluntly shook this off, threatening to “drag” Elozonam if he dared. Ike decided to contribute something, using “chair” to represent a figure that had a huge role to play in the matter concerning Elozonam and Diane.

Ebuka then shot the arrow that blew the table apart by mentioning actor Mawuli Gavor’s name. Immediately Ebuka said this, Diane angrily got up and walked out, leaving viewers to believe Mawuli Gavor and Diane Russet have a history.

Mercy and Ike.

Ike may drive Mercy crazy as she repeatedly declares during the show, but Mercy can’t seem to get over her beau. The on and off lovebirds reminisced on how they first met during auditions but didn’t see the potential in each other till their second/third week in Big Brother’s house.

According to Mercy, Ike was nothing like the men she had encountered in her past while for Ike, Mercy’s elusiveness and flirting tendencies ignited the challenger in him.

The lovers also cited some of the reasons that are constantly on each other’s throats, Mercy blamed cultural diversity for most of their travails while Ike hinted on Mercy and her fans who oftentimes try to embarrass him.

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