CAN Opposes Enforcement Of Infectious Disease Control Bill

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has opposed the enforcement of the infectious diseases control bill been debated at the National Assembly.

The General Secretary of the Association, Joesph Daramola made the CAN position known at the public hearing in Abuja.

He explained that the passage of bill would cause infringement and multiple violations of citizen fundamental human rights.

Daramola who stated that the Association had studied the bill stressed that if passed into law, will trigger anarchy, disorder, insecurity and undermine every other authority in Nigeria.

The Director of legal services of the Association, Comfort Chigbue appealed to the National Assembly not to enforce the vaccine on Nigerians who know nothing about it or involved in the production.

She also added that the bill would constrain every Nigerian of their inherent rights.

The Association, therefore, called on all Nigerians to speak with one voice in condemning the passage of the infectious diseases control bill to safe the nation from embarrassment.

33 thoughts on “CAN Opposes Enforcement Of Infectious Disease Control Bill

  1. This is the trick they want to use to inject people with microchips….oh Lord save us

  2. The same CAN that allows the devil to use them and make a mockery of Christianity? Mtcheww!

  3. Enforce the bill on citizens what are they doing with our budget money if the citizens are to pay for the bills

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