”My Pastor Sent Me” – Killer of Uwa Releases Great Confession

”My Pastor Sent Me” – Killer of Uwa Releases Great Confession

What is happening now in Nigeria is so heart wrenching as no one could be trusted. We have heard the story of a boyfriend who organized his gang to killed his girlfriend for ritualistic purpose.

Earlier this year a certain young man was set ablaze at Ibadan for killing his bosom friend for ritual purpose.

At Akure in a certain church called sotitobire, a little boy was killed for ritualistic purposes right in the church, Nigeria as turned to something else and everyone is now scared to trust somebody.

So was the story of a young Nigeria lady named Uwa, she was a student of microbiology at the University of Benin, about for days ago she was murdered in a church while she was reading.

Her death has caused great confusion in Benin-city, but due to the help of the Nigerian assiduous policemen who swung into action, the culprit was apprehended about a day ago.

What now jarred our sensibility about this case was that the culprit has confessed the person that sent him to kill the deceased, and we were amazed to know that it was the pastor of the church who sent him to do the evil act.

According to Peter Kalusky who happened to be a member of the Dss who arrested the culprit, said the culprit as confessed without hiding anything for them

Peter Kalusky, revealed that the suspect who he referred to as Chibuzor, has fingered the pastor, in connection with the crime.

Here’s the account of what Peter Kalusky tweeted;

“He Said the Pastor Paid him to Do it. We Suspect the Pastor wanted to make his Church Famous. We suspect the Pastor wanted his Church to Trend. The Pastor set young Girl up. Police are going to pick the Pastor up, Federal Government will take over the Church building soon.

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  1. Did the pastor ask them to rape her? Both them and the pastor deserve serious judgment.

  2. I can’t rust into naive conclusion by pointing hands to the pastor I believe the interrogation team can call and apprehend the pastor for questioning its their work to do forensic technicalities so let’s watch out than conclude

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