WWE Main Roster Has Another Hard Day Ahead Of Them.

WWE recorded two television shows yesterday as they got Raw and SmackDown recorded along with other content for this week. They also recorded 205 Live and main event They have a very busy day today as well.

PW Insider noted WWE’s taping schedule today as “grueling.” They will tape an episode of Raw for next week which will include a Raw Women’s Tag Team Title match and Drew McIntyre vs King Corbin. They will also record SmackDown for next week. Those matches haven’t been announced yet.

Not only are they filming SmackDown, but the company is also recording 205 Live and Main Event today. So, they will have fresh content this week.

The company will record all day today and they won’t wrap up until very late in the evening. WWE is also still performing extensive cleaning measures. This includes changing out the turnbuckles, ring mat, and ropes on a constant basis.

The company plans to record content for NXT tomorrow which will wrap up a hard three-day stretch of filming for the main roster.

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